In pokerstas it is possible to hit any hand depending on the flop. But the fact is the best poker starts game is likely to end up as the best hand after all the cards are out. A pair of Aces is the best possible hand before the flop. Pairs are not the only type of hand with which to win a hand. You may make a straight or flush. If your two cards are of the same suit, then it is more likely you will make a flush. Obviously the higher your first card, the more likely it is that your flush will be winning.

No Limit

In poker stas no-limit games the money is often all-in before the flop. Most hands are then just a bet and raise. When playing poker for real money or at the early stages of a tournament, there may be betting and raising at every stage.

You may bet or raise any amount you like at any stage until you run out of money. If there are more than two players left, you must raise more than the previous bettor, unless you run out of money.

Pot Limit

In poker stas pot limit games the maximum you can bet or raise at any stage is the size of the pot. The purpose here was to make the game even simpler. It is a very good idea to keep a running tally of the size of the pot in this game. Then you can under-bet the pot if you wish. Also you will know what odds you are getting at poker strs. When facing one bet, you should never bet more than 1/2 of your money making it more difficult to kill the action.

At any stage you may only bet or raise up to the size of the pot after you have called. You do not have to raise the full size. You must raise more than the previous bet, if there are more than two players left unless you run out of money.

Fixed Limit

In poker stas fixed limit games the small blind bets a minimum amount and the big blind is times 2 that amount. Then each player may pass, call or raise. However the maximum raise before the flop is times 2 the initial bet. While there are more than two players in the hand, the maximum number of raises at any stage is times 3 the minimum bet. When all the betting is done and the players have wagered the same amount, the flop is dealt. Then the first player may check or bet. The turn card is dealt and there is a betting interval but this time the bet must be times 4 the minimum. Finally the river card is dealt, there is a final betting interval where again the maximum bet is raised by 4 times. Some online poker room permit only three raises, even if there are only two players.

You can only bet or raise a certain pre-specified amount, which is independent of the amount in the pot and is often much smaller than the pot. If there are more than two players in the pot, only three raises are allowed.

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