The following pokerstrars games are most common you will find while looking to play poker online, they are sorted for their reliance on skill rather than on luck. Once you play online a few times and get used to the software it will be much easier to play different variations of the poker game. There can be divergence as to the poker rules but each poker room defines such rules as and when necessary. For example, on pokerstard you can find tables with pot limit, no-limit, fixed limit or mixed limit but other sites offering the same games may only allow fixed limit games.

5 Card Stud

In poker strars games, all 52 cards are used. They are shuffled and the dealer for the first round is decided on a high card cut. The dealer gives each player in turn 2 cards face down. They are dealt one at a time in 2 rounds of dealing. He then gives each player in turn one card face upwards.

The players examine the 2 concealed cards they keep in front of them. The player with the highest card which has been dealt face up is now due to start the betting. In the event of equal highest cards the lucky player nearest to the dealer's left bets first. The face-up cards remain on view throughout the game. Pokerstrars offers plenty of 5 Card Stud tables with real money bets.

Draw Poker

In this variation the shuffle and deal is unchanged. However, rather as the name of the game implies, no cards are faced-up and each player's hand remains concealed throughout.

Each player receives 5 cards dealt one at a time face down. A round of betting takes place as in the first round of Stud, including checking, betting or folding. Then every poker strars player in turn discards up to 4 cards face down into the center of the table and receives in replacement an equal number from the remainder of the pack. All discards stay on the table face down until the end of that game.

It is not mandatory to make any discards; a player may decide to stay with the 5 cards he received originally. A second and final session of betting then ensues, which can be quite protracted with some participants dropping out as the stakes rise, specially if they betting using real money.

7 Card Stud

The best place to play 7 card stud games using real cash is at pokerstas. In 7-Stud online games seven cards each are dealt but 2 discards must be made. It is played identically to 5-Stud up to the dealing of the fifth card to everyone still in play. Having received their fifth cards each player must discard one and the dealer distributes a replacement card. If the discard is one of the concealed cards the replacement is concealed; if it is the faced-up card the replacement is faced-up. A second discard is made by all and a second replacement given; when that card is received each player has his final 5, having been dealt 7 in all. Pokerstrars betting only takes place after the first 3 cards have been received, after the fourth card has been received, and following the 2 exchanges.

Jokers Wild

In this variation a Joker is used in addition to the 52 card pack, and can be taken by the player receiving it to represent any card he wants.

Deuces Wild is similar to Jokers Wild but with all four 2's as wild cards.

A number of poker websites offer different poker variations that are based on the dealing of one or two cards into the middle of the table, face up, and the players betting on the best 3 out of their own 5 cards which have been dealt face down, together with the two faced up cards in the center.

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