PokerStars Academy

Like most sports, online poker is a game in which a player can undergo intensive training to better his or her skills. The PokerStars Academy is one such places, providing elite online poker training for any of their members who wish to upgrade their poker strategies.

If you've ever taken notice of the influential Team Poker Stars Pros, the cream of the crop in terms of professional poker players, you'll be further impressed that it's these exact same players who are providing their personal training at the PokerStars Academy. From high-stakes tournament strategies, to the use of "relentless aggression", players will be learning from the very best.

The Poker Stars Academy is an interactive poker training course. Members watch videos on a particular subject, then participate in challenges to see how well they've absorbed the information and if they can put it to use properly in a realistic situation. In this way, players are able to see exactly how well they are incorporating their online poker training into their actual poker game.

The tutorials at the PokerStars School are especially well documented for novice online poker players. If you already have a strong foundation of poker strategies, you won't find quite as much useful information, but rather a few tweaks for your existing game. As a poker player at a beginner level, or even a veteran with little consistency of success, the PokerStars Academy has a lot to offer.

Our absolute favorite thing about the PokerStars Academy is that it's absolutely free! It's not a trial, nor is it a basic membership with an option to spend money to get more access! The only requirement to join the PokerStars Academy is to be a member of PokerStars.

Each time a player accomplishes their challenges, they are Freeplayed, making it even more beneficial to join the PokerStars Academy. Players who excel in their online poker training are privy to Gear, cash bonuses and tournament tokens.

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