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Here we take a closer look at the best online poker site PokerStars. We divide our review into sections so that you can make your selection quickly. Maybe you prefer to play at sites such as FullTilt Poker and PokerStars. Our review provide an honest opinion from a real player, so that you can compare it with other poker sites.

In this PokerStars review we talk about the game and the special features of the software, while sharing personal opinions about the game, opponents and the poker room as a whole. First of all we recommend everyone to keep an eye on this poker room, it's really worth it.

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The $10 tournament money can be used to play in any tournaments or sit-and-gos on PokerStars. The money can be used for anything you want including cash games. The only catch to get the money is that in order to be able to earn it, you need to reach 120 points.

At PokerStars games are traditionally played soft and loose, which is partly due to the comprehensive affiliate program, but also to the large-scale marketing campaigns that attract hundreds of new players to the tables every day.

In order for all exclusive promotions and to be entitled to get the Welcome, players must create their account via the link on this page.

get deposit on PokerStars by using our links. Poker Stars is one of the largest, if not the largest online poker room, and growing every day. Whether your favorite game of Texas Hold'em, Omaha hi / lo or 7 Card Stud is limit or no-limit, low or high stakes, ring games or tournaments, Poker Stars has the right game for you. PokerStars offers frequent freerolls and bonuses. To start playing, follow our PokerStars download instructions.

PokerStars software, traffic and Games

Poker Stars is one of the oldest poker sites and was founded in 2001. Until the introduction of American law UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) was the biggest poker room in the world. To avoid possible legal problems, they withdrew from the American poker - the Black Friday on 15 April 2011 showed that this was the right decision. Despite the drop in numbers of players, PokerStars had established itself in first place. After Black Friday, the market shares of PokerStars has now moved into the player numbers with the iPoker network in second position behind PokerStars. This could give the PokerStars player numbers a further boost and thus direct the network improvement.

PokerStars Freeplay

Like all other poker sites it also offers all new players a deposit Freeplay and additional freeroll tickets for tournament that starts on Sunday for a $1,500 prize.

Poker software, graphics and features

The Poker Stars software is very good and stable. It provides a rough entrance lobby with easy selection of poker tables, smart filters for finding the right table (ring games and tournaments), 6-player tables and more, Matchmaking, and the cascading multiple tables simultaneously. There are hardly any disconnections and the software was tested by a leading company for safety.

Player traffic and competition

The online statistics show that the peak times range from 50,000 to 60,000 players at the tables on PokerStars. Due to the fact that PokerStars is an international poker room with players from around the world and the high number of players, you can always find enough action at the tables.

However, the Rake in PokerStars is not very small. Especially in games with low stakes it can be up to 10% of the rake. The fees for tournaments are also quite high. The customer support is, however, very reliable and are quick to reply even with complicated issues such as missing promotions bonuses.

The money will be delivered in small increments of 10%. These are given to the poker players when they play on the site. It is also important to note the various requirements for PokerStars that depends on how many games you play. All PokerStars Freeplay must be claimed within 60 days to complete, but you may need to use several times the amount. This in turn depends on where you play.

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