No Deposit Poker

PokerStars has one of the most comprehensive poker tournaments on the net.

Poker Tournaments

The latest offering on the PokerStars Menu are Poker Tournaments. If you haven't played poker at Poker Stars yet, it's played in ultra-fast fashion. With new decisions presenting themselves the moment you decide to toss your cards.

poker Tournaments are played just the same as Zoom Poker cash games. The tournament starts with all of the players seated at the tables. Everyone gets a hand, just as you'd assume. Players are then presented with a 'Quick Fold' option where they were before presented with a 'check/fold' button.

Cashout Tournaments

If you've been playing poker for any amount of time, surely you've heard someone make a joke about cashing out tournament chips mid-game.

If you're playing a poker game, well you can. When players buy into a cashout game at Poker Stars, a portion of their buy-in goes into the main pot, and another portion goes into the cashout pool. At any given time a player can click the cashout link and see the value of their chips at current.

Players have the option of turning some or all of their tournaments back into cash any time during the game. This is a great way to ensure a big lead turns into decent cash and not a chip off.

Shootout Tournaments

Tournament players are used to being jostled about the poker table during the average poker game. As the number of players in a poker event dwindles, players are moved and tables are broke down to keep the game pretty much balanced.

Well that's not the case in Shootout games. In a shootout event when a seat empties, it stays empty until just one player remains at the table. In a double shootout event the players would then be redistributed and begin the process again. In a triple, again, and so forth.

Shootout Tournaments are a lot like playing of Sit n Go's with a group of players until the final table, where the last 'Sit n Go' style tournament is played and a winner declared.

Knockout Tournaments

Knockout tournaments are games where there are two goals. Players must focus on amassing chips so that they can make it to the end of the event and place in the money. However, instead of those value bets on the river that often injure opponents and leave them pray to other players at the table, players want to knock other players out personally.

For every opponent a player knocks out of a Knockout Bounty Tournament at PokerStars an award is paid to the player, a bounty.

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