Poker Stars Registration

There has been an increased interest in the televised and online poker tournaments during the recent years; this is why Poker Stars has put so much effort designing a new and improved tournament environment that is easy to explore for new and expert players. It was created with the help of Poker pros and feedback from users; it is designed from players to players.

There are different types of tournaments to choose from with different buy-ins to suit everybody's budget, different games with different rules and a variety of prizes. You can select to play SNG (Sit & Go) or Multi-table Tournaments (MTT) from the main screen. The buy-ins can go from as little as $1 up to $2,000 at the high stakes tournaments.

Before registering a tournament make sure to read our PokerStars software review to know how to use the program then browse the tab at the top of the main lobby and select between Sit and Go, Tournament or Special. After that you can start using the options on the right to remove unwanted tables from showing.

If you selected Sit & Go's you will be able to choose between the following options: 1-Table, Heads-Up, Matrix, Multi-table, Satellite and the newly added "Steps". If you selected Tournament instead you will see the options: Cash, Guarantee, Satellite, Series, Live Events and Private. Finally, you can select the limit according to your budget, the options are: Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, Mixed Limit and No limit.

Once all the filters are applied you will see the rooms that match your criteria at the bottom of the screen, if you click any of the tables you will see the Tournament stats on the right. Some tournaments will require a certain amount of registered users to start while others will be running already. You can check the leaderboard standings for that table and go to the tournament lobby to see the action.

If you want to join the game click on "Register Now", this button will be visible at the right panel if the maximum number of players allowed for that tourney has not been reached. A new window will show the buy-in amount and a button to confirm your entry, if you decide to leave the game before it started you can click "Unregister" while at the tournament lobby and the buy-in amount will be credited back into your account.

Poker Stars Online Poker Series

The Poker Stars Online Poker Series is a series of tournaments organized by PokerStars every few months; they first started it in 2006 with 8 events and a prize pool of $1 million. In latest edition they gave more than $17 million in cash prizes over 27 events; on every new edition the prizes are increased. The main event is a No Limit Texas Holdem with a prize pool of $3 Million. Winners also get additional gifts like an exclusive jacket, gold jersey, a custom avatar for use on PokerStars and entries to every event.

Register on any of the upcoming PokerStars Tournaments and have the chance to win real cash, make your name appear at the leaderboard!.

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