Poker Stars Sign Up

Sign up for a complete list of the scheduled tournaments at Poker Stars. There are many different tournaments to join every minute, the list is updated in real time directly from the source. You can start playing by selecting the type of game and buy-in amount. Choose between the guaranteed tournaments, MTT, freerolls, rebuys, SNG, and learn how to register by reading our Tournaments section.

There are new games every few minutes, these tournaments are organized from top to bottom on separate rows, the first row will always be the sooner to start. Every row has fields with information about the tournament, here is a brief description of each field:

  • Name: The name of the tournament as listed inside the game software. Sometimes the prize and buy-in amount is also part of the name.
  • Game: Type of game offered at PokerStars. They include the classics like Texas Holdem, Omaha or Stud and the new games like Razz, HORSE and Zoom Poker.
  • Time: The date and time when the tournament will start.
  • Buy-in: The amount of money needed to enter the tournament. Some tournaments require Stars points to enter while others are to join, the prize pool is usually low on the tournaments also called freerolls.
  • Prize Pool: The prize pool is collected from the buy-in amount and is divided between the winners of the tournaments. The guaranteed tournaments offer a fixed prize amount no matter how many players join the game.
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