PokerStars on Linux

One of the biggest downfalls when it comes to PokerStars is that it's not Linux compatible out of the box, for that to be the case, Poker Stars would have to build static binaries. That's not to likely though. So we're going to walk you through getting Linux set up using Ubuntu and Wine below.

During the summer months of 2008 Poker Stars released new updates that even made it impossible for Linux users to access the poker client with programs such as Wine, that's not the case any longer however!

With the release of Ubuntu, which is the version on the Linux Operating software, users have again been able to access the PokerStars software via Wine, which is a windows emulator that's utilized by Linux users so that they to can enjoy windows based programs on Linux systems.

How to install PokerStars under Linux using Wine

Below you'll find some basic instructions for getting PokerStars set up on your Linux system.

  • Install the latest version of Ubuntu on a clean hard drive
  • Click the Applications option in the Ubuntu software center and find the application called Wine.
  • Install Wine by clicking on the "install" button.
  • Now it's time to download PokerStars and save the software to your download folder.
  • Now click Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal and start the terminal session
  • You should now see yourname@yourpc'sname:~$
  • Type wine download/PokerStarsSetup.exe
  • Hit enter
  • Follow the steps for setting up the program
  • Click through to programs to launch Poker Stars. Applications -> Wine -> Programs -> Poker Stars
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