PokerStars Website

PokerStars website offers a full schedule of poker tournaments. Some of the events allow a maximum number of players and pot limits.

Games generally last through the first hour, however, check the lobby of each specific event for exact time. Rebuys are generally allowed when a player stack has reached a specific low amount. Beware of the auto rebuy button in these events, if that button is clicked, you'll rebuy the moment you're eligible whenever you're eligible. If you're playing a higher stakes tournament and multitasking, that can get expensive!

Poker Stars Website Tournaments

Turbo and Super Turbo tournaments offer players a faster paced game. Turbo events speed up the clock with faster blind intervals and less decision making time. Super Turbo events take it up another notch providing players with ultra-short stacks to make their first plays with.

Long Term Strategy Games

Double Stack and Super Stack games are great for players that like wait for hands and play a strong strategy. PokerStars website has plenty of these events, most especially on Sundays. Double Stack Poker Tournaments at Poker Stars begin with starting stacks of 3,000 tournament chips or more. Super Stack Tournaments begin with at least 5,000 chips.

Website Registration

Poker Stars offers late website registration. That means that new players can register and play on tournaments even after it's begun, often-times that means that players can register as late as the 6th blind level. See each individual tournament lobby for specifics.

Late Registration was originally introduced to decrease tournament overlays, however, since its introduction has really brought a lot more action to events, boosting prize pools and perhaps even adding some later stage aggressive play.

PokerStars website offers satellites, super satellites, and steps tournaments all tailored toward getting PokerStars players into major tournament events, for fractions of the buy-in's. In fact, if a player doesn't have the $3.30 in their account to buy into a steps event, the player can use their Stars points to get in.

We realize that there are many types of tournaments. If you're not sure what tournament is right for you, you might opt to check out the PokerStars website, and pick up a few pointers on your way in.

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