PokerStars UK

New UK welcome Offer

Brand new welcome offer for the UK.

Get Up To £1,000 In Rewards

Deposit £10 Or More

PokerStars welcomes players from the UK. At the main lobby you will find players from the UK, ireland and the rest of the world. The UK software client isn't ringfenced so you'll play with players from all over the world.

PokerStars has a new personalized home screen once you login for the first time in poker software. The new interface is dubbed 'The Rail' and it's currently live for players located in the UK.

The interface is simple yet attractive, with enough filters and gadgets to keep you organized and well informed. Finding your favorite game at your preferred stakes is a breeze. Or, if you want to check out the high-rollers you can browse all the high-stakes games and find the players you wish to rail.

A new feature called 'throwable objects' was launched in the UK client. It lets players lob virtual items at other playes while playing at the tables. New features are currently planned for players in the United Kingdom, stay tuned for more updates.

Choose between the Ring Games, Sit & Go's, Tournaments at PokerStars UK then filter the tables by game type, pot size and virtual or real money games. At the center of the screen you will see an updated list of available rooms matching your criteria with every row representing a different room. The columns on each row show the name of the table, the stake amount, the pot limit (NL, PL, ML or FL), the amount of players sitting on that table vs. the maximum amount of players supported, the average pot size and hands played per hour. If you click on a table the software will display the list of players sitting on that table and how many chips they have. You can then choose to join the table, enter the waiting list or just observe the action.

The tables are very clear and well organized. You can choose a predefined avatar with a cartoonish image or turn it off if you prefer and change the style of the table and background with the click of a button. On PokerStars UK, everything you need is available directly from the table, including a chat box, stats, options, reload button, one click deposit, and instant hand history. You can change the appearance of the deck cards, choose your preferred seat, tile or stack tables, highlight the bet amount, show/hide the player badges, and select between the classic and the racetrack views.

Speaking of PokerStars UK, there is an option to save your hand history to your local drive and it is fully compatible with all of the poker tracking software. This is a must for players in the UK who wants to know very detailed stats and be able to easily review hands. At the "last hand" option you can replay the last few hands from that table, adjust the playback speed, rewind, fast forward or jump to the flop, turn and river hands and review the gameplay.

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