PokerStars Bet

PokerStars has an incredible variety of games to bet on, and an even more astonishing range of stakes to choose from. Being the home of most of the world's big-time professional poker players, it shouldn't come as much surprise that you can bet at PokerStars with blinds as high as $2,000/$4,000!

On the other hand, more laid-back online poker players who aren't looking to make a bundle playing online poker will find bets starting as low as just $0.01/$0.02. This radical scale of micro-limits to ultra-high-stakes is just one of the many awesome features of PokerStars, and not surprisingly the largest bets range of any online poker room in the world.

Poker Stars Bet with Real Money

The full range of real money games at PokerStars includes the following: Texas Hold'em, Omaha High, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 Card Stud High, 7 Card Stud Hi-Lo, Zoom and 7-Game Mix.

The breakdown of real money games, by limits and betting range is:

Traditional Poker Games

  • Texas Hold'em - FL, NL, PL, ML ($0.01/$0.02 - $2k/$4k)
  • Omaha Hi - FL, PL ($0.01/0.02 - $500/$1,000)
  • Omaha H/L - FL, NL, PL, ($0.01/$0.02 - $2k/$4k)
  • 7 Card Stud Hi - FL ($0.05/$0.10 - $2k/$4k)
  • 7 Card Stud H/L - FL ($0.05/$0.10 - $2k/$4k)

Pot Limits

  • FL = Fixed Limit
  • NL = No Limit
  • PL = Pot Limit
  • ML = Mixed Limits

PokerStars High Stakes Bets

If you want to find the highest betting games on PokerStars, you'll need to filter the stakes to show limits. This is where you'll find most games with bets of $100/$200, $500/$1,000, $1k/$2k and $2k/$4k.

The PokerStars software offers three type of Lobby views - the Classic view, Standard view and Mini view. We suggest using the Standard view. You can check to see what view you're on by clicking the "Lobby" tab at the top, then "Choose Lobby View". If it's not already activated, click "Standard View".

Now all of your filtering options are displayed right at the top of the lobby. In the last column, the betting sizes are shown. They include Micro, Low, Medium, and High. Click "Ivery's Room" so that the check mark appears in the box. Now all of the highest bet games are displayed in the poker lobby.

With a line-up like this, the term Mixed Limit (ML) had to be added to the menu just to accommodate the extensive range of PokerStars real money bet.

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