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The best promotions, rooms for beginners, tournament offers, customer service and software - all can be found here. Every player has different preferences to play successfully.

Many promotions and the wide selection of tournaments and cash games makes pokerstars a must-have PokerRoom

In terms of software, the opinions are divided. The appearance is quite nice, but it sometimes happens that the software doest not run as smooth as it should. Sometimes tournaments cant be completed, annoying players.

Cash Freeplay

New customers receive from PokerStars a welcome gift. However, it is necessary that the minimum initial deposit amounts to $25. Players have 120 days to get this Freeplay via points (8 times the initial deposit) to earn it. This means that $25x8 = 2000 poker points are needed and the $25 will be awarded to you.

It may be that the variations that are offered are enough to bring new players to PokerStars, but the site might not take any chances. This is the reason for the wide selection of loyalty offers and campaigns that aim to lure you for more.

A more convincing welcome gift would be enough to lure the players on this side, but it would not be enough to bring the old players for more. You will not be surprised to learn that the Poker site has a lot to offer to new poker players.

At PokerStars you will find a large number of tournaments, which are well attended and offer a very loose game. The tournaments are often crowded, multi-table tournaments No Limit Texas Hold'em.

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Stars Points: Earn points by participating in poker games in ring games or tournaments. With SP you can participate in special freerolls or purchase products at the Stars Points Store.

Starting is always at the lowest limits set with particularly weak opponents. Either spent the first few dollars or start like many others, at first in the micro limits at PokerStars to gain experience. There are many bad players are above all in the tournaments. Even with a buyin of $33 there are often so many bad players that its fairly easy to reach the final table. In cash games, however, are found many experienced players who will often sit on multiple tables simultaneously. Overall tournament play appears more profitable at PokerStars. Speaking Profitabilitat: who would like to know how to increase its profits in no time, should look at the page for PokerStars Rakeback.

For every $1 in rake or you get two points; The more points you earn during a calendar month, the farther you climb up the VIP ladder.

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