If you are playing pokerstard for real money you should be aware of the eight different card combinations that will give you the chance to win the pot, whoever gets the highest combination using the cards dealt plus the cards exposed on the table wins the game. The ranks of poker stard listed below are from the best hand possible to the lowest ranked.

A hand without any combination may still be good enough to win as a result of its highest card or cards being higher than those in another hand. Aces are always high, that is they are ranked above kings.

Straight Flush

A run of 5 cards which are in the same suit; the highest straight flush would be one headed by an Ace and is called Royal Flush.

Four of a Kind

4 cards having the same value, e.g. 4 Aces. These are also ranked downwards from the Aces, e.g. 4 Aces beats 4 Jacks.

Full House

3 cards having the same value together with another 2 which are a pair, e.g. 3 Queens and 2 Fives. The 3 card holding decides the rank, thus Q Q Q J J loses to K K K 2 2 (known as a Full House king high).

A Flush

5 cards which are all in the same suit. If there are competing Flushes the issue is decided in favor of the one headed by the highest cards. E.g. A 8 7 6 5 is the winner over K Q 10 7 2 because of the Ace but it would lose to A 9 7 6 5 because of the nine.

A Straight

A run of 5 cards which are not all in one suit. The highest card determines the winner of such straight.

Three of a Kind

3 cards having the same value. (7s will beat 6s regardless of suits, etc.)

Two Pairs

4 cards, in sets of 2, each set having the same value cards in it, e.g. two 10s and two 8s. The player with the highest set wins; if both of the highest sets are the same, the winner is the poker stard player with the next highest.

A Pair

2 cards having the same value (ignoring suits, higher pair wins the round).

If the hands at pokerstard are identical, for example if one player has a straight headed by the Ace of hearts and another has a straight headed by the Ace of diamonds; or if two players each have two 10s and their other cards are also identical, the winner is decided by pokerstrars; in brief the winner will be the one who last raised the pot in that round of betting.

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